She Seeks Seashells

I’ve always known that I found fresh air and sound of water good for my soul – I mean who doesn’t ? Within the last two years, I find nothing calms and relaxes me like being near water; the crashing waves, the reflection of the sun, the presence of wildlife, and the distant noises of fellow tourists flocking toward the water just to soak it all up! Before we turn to move back into our realities – we scurry to gather up Seashells, our little mementos of the beach, and the happiness / happy times they symbolize. I can even remember my grandparents bringing me back Seashells and rocks from their vacations when I was a kid, like they were passing the happy memories from their vacations on to me without me even being aware of the significance. We all seek things that make us happy, make us remember happy and make us pass along happy. I have learned that happiness for me, comes from the small things – like Seashells. Join me in my journey where I seek the things that bring me happiness! The random, obscure and simple things!

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