Moving Mountains

In 2015, we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary.  Wanting to make sure we did something special, I took to an internet search – ‘Most Beautiful Place in Canada’.  It was my inner photographer doing the searching – but the result could not have been more true.  Moraine Lake has to be one of the most majestic places I have seen.  Now – I am far from a world traveler, but this place will leave you breathless (literally – it’s 6,183ft above sea-level).  The scenery was once on the back of the Canadian twenty-dollar bill (below) – but for nearly a week – it was our scenery everyday!  The bench in this picture is at the top of the ‘rock pile’ which was just a small hike to enjoy this view.  I spent every morning there – until the sound of the air-breaks would indicate the tour buses had arrived (I recommend getting to the top early in the morning – 6am in June).  I would get my seven-dollar coffee (I also recommend bringing coffee!) and take it all in –  can still feel the crisp glacier air on my face.  I can smell the freshness of being so isolated from civilization deep in Banff National Park. I can hear ….I can hear ….nothing – absolute silience. Peace.  It was one morning that everything came into perspective for me – everything stopped, yet everything started.  So many things that had created mind clutter, became clear, became calm, became in perspective.  By no means does this mean, that since this moment, my life is together. What it does mean – is I found a happy place. That place in my brain that I can recall, and have every sense go back to a morning on the rock pile.  Where is your happy place?  Your Seashell?  Look for more posts from this vacation to come soon!


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