Animal Love

Nosey Parker

For those of you that have had a dog – you know the joy and humour they can bring to your life.  I spend quite a ridiculous amount of time having conversations with my K-9 companion – and I hardly speak his language!  A year ago, I started becoming more conscious towards what I ingest, apply to my body and use within my home – not only did it impact my quality of life, but also the husbands and the mutts!  I have taken to baking the pup some dog biscuits made with love!  He watches every move – while I make a disaster of my kitchen and cross my fingers (for my sake and his) that they are edible by the time I finish!  Can you see the excitement ? 

Look at that eye!

I found quite a few simple recipes on Pinterest.  I’m no baker – but I seem to be on to something with these – at least they keep my pup, and a few of his buds in the neighbourhood happy.  Here is the best link to a few pup treats that your dog may like !

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