Be Our Guest, Be Our Guest – When it is Over I Will Rest!🌹

I love to entertain. Nothing like company helps in getting those loose ends done around the house!  But really, it’s more the planning, decorating, cooking and friends/family parts that I love!  I decided to host Easter dinner this year at my house – with just a small group.  I have been excited about it and been planning it for about a month now.  I think it’s the fact that I have been watching what I eat that has made me so excited about making food that’s not on my regular list (a lil holiday indulge!). I’ll write about the food part soon!  Today I focused on beginning to execute my plan (insert husband shaking his head here!).  With our small group dinner being 4 days out – some may say it’s a little early to set the table, but for me it was another check off the list that keeps it all manageable!

Because I am a big foodie myself – I have asked that no one bring anything as I have everything covered!  So I most certainly have my work cut out for me!  So table setting and entry decor needed to get out of the way pretty early!

Every dinner party should have a signature cocktail!

Even with a small group – personal touches go a long way! Why not tell mum and dad where to sit! 😊

I love it when everything starts to come together – it’s not always according to plan – but sometimes a plan is just a guideline anyways! 

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