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Wake up and Smell the Daffodils!

After our last snowfall of the year last Friday, we found ourselves in spring temperatures finally.  What’s a better way to celebrate spring than with flowers!?!

Spring brings such beautiful colours and always feels like it’s the opportunity for a fresh start!  I created this Easter centerpiece for Easter dinner that I am hosting next weekend and I just love it!  With a little handy work from the hubby – it’s just what I was looking for.  Now, I’m not known to have a green thumb – so I sure hope it will make it to Saturday!


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My Manitobahs’

Who likes to think (read admit) that possessions can bring us happiness?  I mean no one wants to be materialistic right? Right!  But let’s be honest – we all have those things that yeah, we could do without – but would be upset about it if we had to.  Today I was reminded when the doorbell rang – of one of these things!!  My Manitobah Mukluks were here!!  If you’re have never heard of them – or owned a pair, check them out.  They are Canadian made, Aboriginal-Owned and some beautiful crafted footwear.  They work to preserve the heritage and traditions of Aboriginal communities through their artistry.  

Packaged so nicely

They are some of the most comfortable things that I have ever worn on my feet!  I have ordered mostly their slipper styles, by the ones today have the outdoor soles. Once I can get past that to me, they still look like slippers – I’m going to try to wear them out and about 🙂

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Planes and Cars and Ferries – Oh my!

Last year, we planned our summer vacation out on the Canadian west coast.  It’s such a beautiful part of the country!  Our first stop – Vancouver City – what a unique, eclectic and picturesque city.  We chose to stay right near Canada Place (right downtown near the seawall).  We had a great view from our hotel where you could see the large Alaskan cruise ships come into Canada Place (Alaskan cruise is on my list!)  I found the hotel kept us centrally located – not far from Granville Island, close to Stanley Park – as well as still being close to the airport, and so much more!

You always need to bring something from home …this was his view
This was my view !

True to British Columbia fashion, we did have at least one rainy day (we went in the middle of July).  It didn’t dampen our travel spirts!  With the mountains as your backdrop and the ocean at your feet – we were collecting Seashells !

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Yes, I think with my Stomach!

My husband is amazed that how when I wake up, before breakfast, I can already be thinking about dinner.  It’s either where we are going, or what am I making.  I love to cook and experience new places and cuisine.  That is why part of every road trip has ‘secret stops’ that I have planned – because if it’s crazy to think about dinner when it’s just hours away – it must be certifiably insane to think about it months out!  Yes – food makes me happy!  I believe I had seen it on food network – but Tacofino is a place you absolutely need to hit up if you find yourself in Tofino (which btw – is another amazing place to visit!!!). Tacofino is a food truck (originally) that focuses on fresh flavors – with an a-mazing menu.  It’s a tricky lil place to find off the main road – but absolutely worth the double-back if you miss it.  We indulged in the fish tacos – which is what they were originally known for.

It is definitely a popular place with locals and surfers alike.  We probably waited about 30 minutes in line – but that is part of the food truck experience if you ask me.  They were so good – and yes, while eating them in Tofino, BC – I was already thinking of how I would make them back home!


She Seeks Seashells

I’ve always known that I found fresh air and sound of water good for my soul – I mean who doesn’t ? Within the last two years, I find nothing calms and relaxes me like being near water; the crashing waves, the reflection of the sun, the presence of wildlife, and the distant noises of fellow tourists flocking toward the water just to soak it all up! Before we turn to move back into our realities – we scurry to gather up Seashells, our little mementos of the beach, and the happiness / happy times they symbolize. I can even remember my grandparents bringing me back Seashells and rocks from their vacations when I was a kid, like they were passing the happy memories from their vacations on to me without me even being aware of the significance. We all seek things that make us happy, make us remember happy and make us pass along happy. I have learned that happiness for me, comes from the small things – like Seashells. Join me in my journey where I seek the things that bring me happiness! The random, obscure and simple things!